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U-Boot hunter on sea

WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic (series) for mobile and desktop platforms

'WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic'™ - Finally the resumption of the genre! Made for real fans of subsims, this upcoming next generation of WWII U-Boat simulations sets its priorities on historically accurate and realistic combat and gameplay. Sneak your submarine in, find your target, fire torpedoes, try to escape escorts and run away silent. Depth charges will blow your prior mobile gaming experience into a new dimension. High-end graphics like never seen before in a mobile subsim.
Become the hunter and the hunted in this game on iOS, tvOS, Mac OS X,
Windows and Linux.

In development - upcoming titles:
"WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic", "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96"
and "WOTA: Seehund Type XXVIIb" (mobile sub sim about the midget UBoat)

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3D Dice Game Simulation

Physics Dice 3D (series) for mobile devices like smartphones & tablets

A truly immersive 3D dice experience for iOS.
This is a dice game that is so much fun you will want to play all night long.

Newton's Dice 3D was featured by Apple on the App Store in "new and noteworthy" in more than 60 countries and was #1 dice game in many countries. (iOS only, not available for android)

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Captain Temporium for iOS, tvOS and macOS

Captain Temporium game

Captain Temporium is a classic fast paced shoot 'em all up style arcade game.
An evil time traveling empire has altered the fabric of time by invading contemporary history, Captain Temporium is the last pilot of the Temporal Air Force and the last hope for our future and our past.

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U-Boot hunter on sea 3D Dice Game Simulation Captain Temporium game