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WOTA: U-Boat Compass

"WOTA: U-Boat Compass" for iOS is a fully working detailed 3D-Simulation of a U-Boat compass used on German Type VII Uboats during World War 2. Available on the App Store. (Might not be available in some countries) 

This App uses artwork from the upcoming mobile submarine simulation  „WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic“ and was developed in cooperation with the Technical Museum U 995 of the German Naval Association. In addition, the app comes with a short animated tour detailing the compass installations aboard Type VII submarines.


- Compass assisted by the gyroscope.

- High resolution 360° panorama of U 995’s command room. Take a virtual look around by moving your device.

- Look at the compass from different angles by moving your device (lockable). Use pinch to zoom gesture to resize it.

- Animated information tour with 3D models of a Type VII U-Boat and its command room.

- Choose your compass case color: Black, Gray, Brass or Transparent.

- Outer (360°) and inner (10°) compass ring, just like on a typical naval compass.

- Angle of List indicator.

- Rate of Turn indicator.

- Speedometer (requires built-in GPS.)

- Latitude and longitude (requires built-in GPS or Wi-Fi network connection.)

- Different units (knots, km/h, mph, ROT per second or per minute.)

Important: like all compass apps, this app is based on the built-in compass chip. Please don’t use this app for critical applications like real world navigation.

"WOTA: U-Boat Compass" is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (Might not be available in some countries)

User reviews:

u2rok (App Store USA)

- Beautiful Functional Work Of Art

- A complex, beautiful, 3D, historically accurate compass. Why would you use anything else?

Kensai7 (App Store Germany)

- Amazing historical compass!

- The quality is so high it puts tears of joy in my eyes! Well done.

Ghostieguide (App Store AUS)

- Very polished and well designed app.

- One of those rare gems that make you wonder why no one had done this before. This perfect floating compass is fascinating. Obviously a lot of thought went into its layout.. Johnny Ives would happy with the transparent black background option. Great work.

Casbalti (App Store UK)

- Awesome!

Great app and a fantastic attention to detail! Also such an exciting glimpse of what is to come in the full game!

atagcgaat (App Store USA)

- Historically accurate...

- ... and gorgeous.

Tyler Sesnon (App Store USA)

- Amazing compass! Great historical value!

- This compass is, for being a compass, absolutely amazing. Modeled exactly like it's real life counter part! The "guided tour" is really amazing too. Love it!

Chris Gates 97 (App Store USA)

- Great app! 

- I've been follow the development of these wota apps for 3 years. I recommend this to anyone,good luck with the sub sims (:

Robbert Newbigging (Beta tester)

Absolutely brilliant,

thanks for the chance to view this I'm literally blown away!

Cary Groneveldt (Beta tester)

- Holy Jesus Christ .... 

- lol I was astonished when I first tried HIGH QUALITY: the compass spun around butter smooth and with each systolic blood pump in my wrist, the compass moved *exactly* with it! lol And the level of detail is *insane*

Bob Coveney (facebook)

- Wow! 

- Just had a quick play with it, brilliant, the dog's bollocks! So cool!!

Joseph M Betty (facebook)

- Grabbed my copy as well.

- Love the detail and so much look forward to the WOTA end product!

Helio Peixoto (facebook)

- Hi! Your compass Is a great job.

- Congratulations and keep motivate, sir. I can't wait for the entire wota!!

Alex Kac (facebook)

- That looks stinkin impressive!

- coolpepper43 (toucharcade)

- It's the best dang looking compass I've ever seen!

beagleman2009 (App Store USA)

- Fantastic

- A must have compass a must have for any compass, uboat ,or navy nut works great sweet graphics thanks

iPadCary (App Store USA)


- This is but a small taste of a masterwork 5+ years in the making. Yet this "small taste" illustrates beautifully tne ultra-exquisite detail that has gone into "WOTA: U-96" both outside, with the graphics *and* inside, with the mechanations of the spacepiece itself! Go on, zoom into the compass's spinning dials. Deeper .... Deeper .... Look at that detail! The markings depicting 10ths of a degree are razor sharp! And, again, this is only an indication of what the rest of the simulation will be. That if the compass is this insanely great, just imagine what the entirety of this desktop-quality u-boot simulation will be! GET. THIS. APP. NOW.

Helio Peixoto (App Store Brazil)

- An excellent work

- Its an app for everyone who likes WWII, specially the submarine warfare. Keep the good work!

Brave Sir Robin (App Store USA)

- A Must For all U-Boat Captains

- When I set sail in my U-Boat, I always like to bring along a compass. It's handy to have for navigation as well as plotting torpedo solutions for any merchant ship that might happen along.

In the past I've always used a physical compass, be it gyroscopic or magnetic. But those depend on physical phenomena like such as the earth's magnetic field and axial rotation. In this day and age, who can depend on that? This app requires neither -- at least as far as I can tell. All you need is 178MB of space on your iOS device and a source of electricity to recharge.

Plus, at only $.99, every member of your crew, from the lowliest swabbie to your First Mate, can afford to have his own! 

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